Funase campsite was our favorite hangout for years.
Backpackers, campers, music lovers - we would all gather to spend a great time here at Funase.
We were sad when we heard from the aged couple who runs the place decided to close one of the best campsite in Japan, until they asked us if we were interested in owning it.
After thinking it over for a while, we decided to purchase the wonderful campsite.
We started off cleaning the "jungle" by mowing the overgrown grass every weekend, taller than you would imagine, and getting rid of the spider webs on every corner of the cabins that were about to fall apart… the place has been abandoned for almost three years after they closed down.
We've searched half away around the Awajishima island to get the perfect driftwood to use them for interiors, and learned a great lesson from using paint: never get them on your hair.
After working on the site for months, Funase Campsite has come back to life again with a new name: Funase Beach Inn a.k.a First-class Backpackers Inn.
There are some areas that needs to be fixed, but we believe being a bit inconvenient is the fun part of camping.
We look forward seeing you at our campsite, while we continue our journey expanding the rest of the area, inheriting the minds of the previous owner.
More things to do this weekend, to complete our "perfect hideout".



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  • 樂久登窯(らくとがま)
  • 割烹 はと
  • ヒラマツグミ
First class Backpackers Inn (FBI) Awaji is a peaceful campsite located at Funase. You can enjoy BBQs at daytime, have a nice drink with great music at the beach bar before having a good rest inside your tent under the stars. Please respect the rules, nature, and privacy of other guests, and we hope that everyone would have a great time at FBI, making them wish to come here again.

Please observe the rule and morality.